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Life’s Too Short…

I really love listening to this song lately.

It’s one of those songs to which I have a visceral reaction.  It speaks to my moody, broody side and I find myself thinking, “So true, so true” as I bop my head to the radio.

As I listened to it today, however, I found that I had a disagreement with it.  As the music blared over the radio —Life’s too short to even care at all— I found myself thinking, “But that’s exactly why we do care.  Because it is so short.”

In order to feel better I try to tell myself that all of the things I want don’t matter.  I find projects to work on and ways to stay busy to take my mind off those things.  But they do, in fact, really matter.  They mean everything.

This is why it hurts like hell to realize that the things that matter are moving in reverse or that you don’t register on anyone’s radar or that you might be in this alone.

It would be easier to not care, but the fact that I do is always bubbling under the surface.  I don’t know how to stop.


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