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The first time I ever made granola (which to be honest was really me watching my friend make granola while I marveled at the process…and stole occasional bites), I was amazed at how simple it was to prepare.  I’m not sure why I thought it would be more complicated, but it’s really just a handful of ingredients, mixed with oats, and baked in the oven.

Since that day during my senior year of college, I haven’t once made granola.  I knew it was easy.  I knew I loved granola.  I just hadn’t felt inspired to bake another batch.

Then, Monday night happened.

I was going through the usual list of blogs on my Google Reader, and I came across this delicious (and simple) recipe for peanut butter granola.  Since I had all of the ingredients on hand, I knew it was destined for me to make this granola recipe right then and there.

Peanut butter-y morsels of goodness

The peanut butter granola turned out just as tasty as I had anticipated, and I have been adding it as a special topping to different foods all week.  (I recommend doubling the recipe and adding one or two minutes to the baking time, although your oven may be warmer than mine.)

If you really love peanut butter and granola, and have a few extra minutes on your hands, I highly suggest giving this recipe a try.  You won’t regret it.


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So, today is kind of a big day for me for a reason I almost feel silly admitting out loud…and on the Internet, no less.

I feel even sillier for admitting that I’ve been looking forward to today for at least a couple of months now.

You see, today is the day that Matt Nathanson’s latest album, Modern Love, drops, and I’m very excited to add this new album to my collection.

It’s no secret that I love Matt Nathanson’s music.  His songs are filled with a sense of longing and desire to which a lot of people can relate.  Plus, when it comes to writing lyrics, he really knows how to paint a sensual image.  (My personal favorite example of this might be these lyrics:  you move like water, and you broke like a wave.  Awwwww….yeah.)

I did a quick preview of this latest album last night and it sounds promising, although only time will tell if I end up loving it as much as some of his others.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get better acquainted with Modern Love.

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“Mean” is without a doubt my favorite song on Taylor Swift’s latest album, Speak Now.  So I was very happy when I saw that the music video for “Mean” fit the song perfectly.

I love the style of this video and the message it portrays.  I think we all have at least one person in our lives that we consider to be an unfairly harsh critic.  You know, the person who never seems to have anything kind to say.

Well, I have decided to dedicate this song to those people whenever I hear it (until I have the guts to actually say something out loud, that is).

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Many, many petunias

Pretty in pink

And some purple

Almost marigold


Balcony view

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Fireworks + Water = Love

A couple of weeks ago, my lovely friend Sam posted some really amazing photos of an event she attended in Portland with her cute little family.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the pictures ever since.  I think it’s love.

Anyway, if you love fireworks or stunning visual images, check out her post here.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here in Utah daydreaming about how awesome it would be to live really close to an ocean or lake or really big river.  I can’t imagine anything better than that.

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I love libraries.  I think that they are a really amazing public resource that I wish I used more.  I mean, think about it. We have these buildings, full of so many different kinds of books that we can borrow for free…unless, of course, you are like me and ALWAYS seem to have late fines.  It occurred to me a few months back that I have been throwing away money on books that are read only once, then left to collect dust on my bookshelf.  I realized that I needed to put an end to my book buying habit, and start taking advantage of all the books my library has to offer.

So, today I went to the library.

Now, I’m not the kind of girl who can check out stacks of books at a time.  I find that overwhelming (especially when I’m likely to accrue late fines on most of the books I check out).  So, today I got one book.  I had been hearing about this book on other blogs for a while and was very interested in reading it.

Lunch in Paris: A Love Story with Recipes

After reading the first page, I already know that I’m going to like it.

So…who wants to be in charge of reminding to return it in 3 weeks?

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